Getting Started

Why use Easystatic?

  1. It advocates convention over configuration
  2. It's JavaScript-based, cross-platform, no need to have Ruby/Go/PHP installed
  3. It's build top of the modern mainstream front-end dev tools such as Babel, Postcss, Browsersync
  4. It contains a build-in development server with "live reload"
  5. It can scaffold the basic site layout for you


  • Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux
  • Node.js v5.0 or newer
  • npm v3.3 or newer (new to npm?)
  • node-gyp prerequisites mentioned here (optional)

How to Install

$ npm install -g easystatic  

How to Use

To build the site and launch it in a browser run:

$ es start <path>       # for example, `es start`

..where <path> is the name of the directory with .md files, or the name of an empty folder. Easystatic will scaffold the basic site layout for you by creating an "assets" folder with EJS-based layout template file (assets/main.ejs) and CSS (assets/main.css). You can customize the look and feel of your site by editing layout files inside the assets folder.

How to Deploy

Below is an example of how you can deploy your site to GitHub Pages — a free CDN-hosting for static websites:

$ es deploy <path> --repo=<github-repository-url> --domain=<domain-name>

..where <repo> is a GitHub repository, and <domain> is a custom domain name for your site. For example:

$ es deploy --repo=username/


Check out file for information on how you can contribute to this project.