Static site generator

The easiest way to build a static website for your project. Just create a folder with markdown (.md) files in it, and let Easystatic to do its magic.

$ npm install -g easystatic
$ es start <path>|

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2016-04-02  |  v0.1.11  (changelog)

The easiest way to generate a static website for your project. It uses Markdown It for web pages, EJS and Postcss for site layout, Browsersync as a development server, allowing "live editing" and testing the site on all connected-devices.

Why use Easystatic?

  1. It advocates convention over configuration
  2. It's JavaScript-based, cross-platform, no need to have Ruby/Go/PHP installed
  3. It's build top of the modern mainstream front-end dev tools such as Babel, Postcss, Browsersync
  4. It contains a build-in development server with "live reload"
  5. It can scaffold the basic site layout for you